//Added Features———
-Added Net. Version change functionality.
-The current “NAT type” is displayed on XboxLive Menus.
-Added a new game mode: “Nightmare+” (Recommended for lv. 50 or higher on cooperative mode):
A lot more challenging than Nightmare mode.
No experience is rewarded in this mode. (Red Gems)
Greater coin drops.
-On the Skill Set screen, added a button func. to clear the learned character skills.

//BUG Fixes—————-
-The silver accounts were not being able to see the leaderboards.
-A silver account was not being able to access the “Buy Full Game” button on the main menu.
-Improved network performance.

-Fixed a bug that clears a character’s experience points.
-Fixed a bug after a boss event that caused the game progress to stop.
-Modified the time that the Cancel Armor lasts when there is still no counter burst learned.
-Fixed the color palette combinations of bosses and NPCs.
-Fixed the Enemy A.I.
-Fixed the grabbing moves.
-Fixed an issue with the throw-able bananas of the character Kurisu.
-Modified the character Infinity’s speed attributes and made some changes in order to balance more the character in general.
-Fixed a bug with an Infinity’s special ability cut-in.
-Fixed Kurisu’s “number 4” special ability.
-Fixed a bug in Cocoa’s Special Grabbing cancel ability.
-Cocoa’s Phantom Breaker special cancel has been fixed.
-Itsuki’s EX+down+SP trajectory has been modified.
-Itsuki’s Dash+EX+SP trajectory has been modified.
-Yuzuha’s forward+SP jump modified, and her shuriken’s damage slightly increased.
-Added a invulnerable timing on Nagi’s forward+SP attack.
-Modified the condition on which Waka’s dash+EX+SP attack was executed.

//Changed Battle Ground Mode Rules———–
-Item boxes appear randomly on each stage.
-Items fall in a timely manner.
-When low on HP the Burst gauge will charge more rapidly.

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